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For a young black woman, finding out there is an unexpected pregnancy can be one of the most frightening times of her life. EMBRACE is here to bring peace of mind to these women through educational and medical opportunities, and a collaborative community of organizations that will serve her during this challenging time .

Fathers also play a valuable role in the lives of their children . By reaching out to black fathers-to-be, EMBRACE helps both the mother and father by providing the necessary resources. Everyone benefits.

EMBRACE is a network of dedicated individuals and religious leaders who are committed to help­ing families find lifeaffirming answers to unex­pected pregnancies. The program also addresses black genocide, focusing on solutions to this crisis that is disproportionately affecting communities of color.

EMBRACE helps guide women to resources in the Greater Austin area that include free pregnancy tests, medical care, sonograms, and counseling, as well as educational materials and classes.

EMBRACE not only helps women with their medi­cal needs, but also directs them to other resources such as help with finances, housing, and continuing education. For women who have experienced loss through abortion, EMBRACE will guide them to helpful, supportive programs.